Running through the orange groves

You can run directly from the bed & breakfast into the orange groves. Casa la Naranja is situated 86 meters above sea level and the area is relatively flat. There is no better place to work on your physical condition! The roads are mostly paved and there is little traffic. In addition, you can always drive to the shore and have a lovely run along the coast.

Improve your PR

The environment of our holiday home and the Costa Blanca is the ultimate place to improve your condition and put down a new PR. Thanks to the clean air and the slightly sloping roads, you can walk a lot faster unnoticed after a few training sessions!

Marathons and other running events

Running is extremely popular here. Throughout the year there are weekly events in the neighbourhood where you can participate for a small fee.

10 km runs

From February to June there is the annual Circuit Marina Alta every year. Almost every week a village club organises a loop. Usually this is 10 km, sometimes you can also choose 5 km. And what’s great, a walk is organised in advance for the children (even babies) too.

Mountain racing

Running through the mountains is very popular here.  Full and half marathons and 10 km runs over rocks and unpaved paths. You can easily participate.


The Valencia Marathon is an experience. And very good to combine with a stay in our bed and breakfast. Cities such as Alicante and Benidorm also organize a marathon every year (and many more cities). You can also opt for the half marathon or 10 km at these events. Super fun to participate.

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